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Midweek on Fleek: Things I like that you might too #8

Midweek on Fleek: Things I like that you might too #8

January is over, yet you've achieved so little.

Everything's fine though because February is going to be YOUR MONTH.

New month. New you. Let's do this. *lacklustre karate kick while sighing*

Here are some fun things you might like to do this week to boost morale:

Watch Mala Mala

It's a lovingly and beautifully made documentary about members of Puerto Rico's queer community, from drag performers to transgender men and women at different stages in their transitions.

The soundtrack is a hazy dream and the camera angles sometimes seem to tremble with emotion.

There are more than a few nods to Paris is Burning, in the tenderness with which transgender lives are portrayed, mixed with the hot-blooded lustre of the drag world.

mala mala.jpg


The film interweaves these notably different experiences of gender, with moments of heartbreak and cheeky comic punchlines blending together like a song.

Which reminds me, a really good bit is when Sophia Voines lipsynchs in her hotel room mirror to Isn't This Better? by Barbara Streisand using a plastic willy as a microphone. We've all been there Soph.

The little moment in the trailer where we see one of the film's subjects, Paxx, binding his breasts, followed by another, Samantha, scooping the flesh of hers to fill a tiny bra, sums up this bittersweet movie really well.

Here it is:

Listen to The Slumflower on SoundCloud

The true brilliance of Chidera Eggerue aka The Slumflower is that she created the hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER.

I will confess, as someone who has the barely existent percy pig nipples of Violet Chachki, I had always been a bit dismissive of saggy boobs (probably born from my own rubbish/vain insecurities which meant upright breasts were one of few body parts I was actually satisfied with. What a bell.)

ANYWAY. This hashtag does two things: in a small way it reminds us all to love whatever  (potentially disappointing) form the good lord blessed us with (saggy, pert, scarred, freckled, off-centre, bulbous, bandy.)


More importantly though, it creates some space for the world to sit back and admire the rarely-appreciated glory of a downward drooping breast.

Chidera's radio show/podcast/whatever the ladz are calling it these days is just her being  lovely, cute and chilled, talking about stuff like the importance of failure, her experience as a black woman and 'How to Navigate the Creative Industry Without Being a Beg'.

She plays loads of soul-y kind of hip hop, neo-soul and jazz too which is good and makes it like a proper radio show which I always miss in podcasts.

I love her and the fact her above outfit kind of matches the Mala Mala poster and involves the ultimate colour combo of pink and red.


Download the Clue App if you are a menstrual woman

I've been having periods for 17 years and yet whenever anyone asks me when my next one's due (sexual health nurses/concerned lovers/manspreading meninists trying to redress the balance..) I literally never have a fucking clue.

OH MY GOD I JUST GOT THAT. Wow guys. OK. Get this app. You're an adult now.


You can also track your mood, which is great news if, like me, you oscillate wildly between high school cheerleader joie de vivre and very loud sobbing.

Listen to Dracula by Bram Stoker

Speaking of blood.. How do you feel about 15 hours of pure, unadulterated vampire hunting?

I did actually read Dracula once, ages ago, but these days anything that takes Tim Curry quite so long to narrate in various (questionable) accents seems like a book I would leave on a bus half way through.


There's something satisfying in hearing all these classic horror images, ones embedded into our consciousness via glue-on Halloween fangs and Twilight, being read from pages of the novel which actually set the trends.

Apart from the various insightful quotes about good men and monsters, I actually prefer: 'Give a guest everything and leave him free to do as he likes'.

Great to have some hostessing advice from a book otherwise very much focused on madmen eating flies, sleepwalking virgins, tomb-raiding and garlic.

Buy a family calendar and just use it for yourself

So sorry, Mum. Still don't have even one tiny baby. But that means there are five luxuriously spacious columns left on my family calendar in which to record the truly important events such as what days the acne-to-facial-features ratio was unprecedented or how many nights in a row I remembered to moisturise.


This one comes from Etsy and surely must be one-twelfth less expensive now you've missed an entire month.


Have a lovely February <3

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